The Shop is Ready for the Grand Opening

We have just gotten almost all of the stuff ready for the grand opening. The staff has been trained and we had a dress rehearsal this morning. I went down to this place that does custom t shirt printing and picked up the new shirts. There was a mishap the first time and the t shirts that they made had a typo on them. That was probably not a big deal, but they fixed it and it worked out just fine in the end. At any rate we are going to have the doors open on Saturday Morning. All of the ads are out and we have a bunch of interest in the sale, we had to get more phone lines from people calling to ask us questions about some of the things that we are going to have the best prices on. I get the feeling that we might need to get a bit of help from the police, but we shall see.

I have seen these things snowball. Of course you want to create excitement and get deals that people will be eager to get up early in the morning to get. You do not want to create an atmosphere where people are trying to clobber one another to get the deal before it is gone. Of course you see that on Black Friday when the stores will advertise something like a 32 inch tv for 99 dollars. Then they will have two or three of those tv sets in each store and the only people to get them are the ones who are there first and willing to fight the other customers to get to the deal. I have a great TV and I am not going to hit some guy over another tv no matter how cheap it is.