Thinking About Starting My Own Custom Shop

I have been thinking about doing something with my creative side on the web. It came to me after I randomly found this site called Creation Delight on the web. They sell hand painted wine glasses. That seemed a little odd to tell the truth, but of course I could see how you could do well at it if you have some nice designs. The truth is that you can do a lot of different things like that and if you are good at it you could make a bit of money, but it is not as though this is going to be a huge deal. It will not make millions for you. It probably needs to be some stuff that you really enjoy doing, because that is likely to be the one thing you can truly be sure to gain from it. At any rate I love to do stuff with my hands and I have been considered a fair artist by some who had reasonably valid opinions. It is not as though I have a specific plan though.

The idea that I have is not a plan yet. It is just the basis for a plan. You can not start out with that and so I am hashing out the idea to try to put some meat on it now. You need to find a market to start with. No product sells itself and in this case you are going to be charging more for something based on it being personalized. So you are not going to have the lowest price on what you sell and in all likelihood some other person is going to sell a similar item which has a lot more prestige attached to it, because they have been on the top of the hill long enough to get a big name.