Trying to Learn About IOS

I have decided that I am going to try to figure out how hard it would be to learn how to become an app creator. The idea is not all that hard to grasp, a guy who can design an app is not going to be forced to depend on a boss to tell him what he has to do. I do not think it would be practical to do that full time, not unless you came up with some really good idea, but it would be a really good skill to have in case you needed it. It is something that would be a great skill in case you needed to earn money on the side or it would be a good thing to know to help you get a job. Creating apps is a big thing for people these days. Almost any site go to is going to have it’s own app and they need people who can create those.

At any rate I am trying to learn more about iOS and Android. It seems like both of them are really going to be the big ones to learn. There are phones that use other Operating systems, but not that many. I think Windows phones are the third big group. I am not sure which is going to have the most staying power, but I would guess that it will be Android. That is an open operating system and it is going to be easy for people to get in it. They do not have to pay a license fee which I think is a barrier for some operating system. It seems like Apple wants to make a llot of decisions about what people can do and what they can not do on the operating systems that they have.