Volunteering is Something That I Should Have Done Years Ago

When I was growing up, I always knew that I wanted to help people. I do not know how to explain it other than to say that it was a driving urge that I had. But in high school, I ended up meeting someone who I would soon marry. I had dreamed of volunteering in Nepal when I became an adult, but I had also dreamed of getting married as well.

My husband and I had a great marriage for many years. I focused on our marriage and school, and I felt that because things seemed so right at the time, volunteering would probably be something that I would put on the back burner. I also knew that I could always find some sort of organization to work with locally one day, too. The bottom line is that I was busy and content for the moment.

Ten years into my marriage, it started to fall apart. My husband no longer wanted to be married. We went to counseling, but I learned that he was interested in someone else and he wanted a divorce. My world fell apart at that moment.

Once he was gone, I was faced with getting back on my feet and wondering what to do next. Remembering the dream I had long ago, I decided that I wanted to throw myself into volunteer work as I had once longed to do. I immediately got online to research my options, and was pleased to find many to choose from.

I love children. So, when I found a non-profit organization who would allow me to work with children in orphanages, I immediately signed up. For the past six months I have beenliving with a host family nearby, and every day I go to the orphanage to tech them how to speak English, play with them, cook for them and so much more. I am happier now than I ever have been.