Still Working on the Remodeling Job

Of course this building looked like a real wreck when we bought it and we were not sure if we were going to use it or jus demolish it and start over. We probably leaned towards tearing it down and building something new at first, but we got some good prices on the work that needed to be done to make the place habitable A place called Great aircon – servicing airconditioning unit figured out what needed to be done to get the cooling system to be efficient. That is what we were looking at, the cost of owning the building and keeping it occupied. Of course you can ignore stuff like that, but you do it and you end up missing the point. You can buy something that is cheap up front and it can be a black hole for money when you start to try to operate it. The money escapes through every pore in the structure and every crack that lets the heat in is going to cost you money.

For example you can spend a fortune on windows and if they are the right type of window they might save you much more in lost energy costs. People are spending a lot of time thinking about this sort of stuf these days and there are a lot of solutions out there if you look for them. Of course you have to do the math and figure out which ones are going to be the best fit and which ones are going to be totally practical. Some people take the idea to illogical extremes because they are trying to impress other people with how smart they are, but when you look at the math it has to make sense. The bottom line is still just as important