I Needed Business Magnets and Flyers

I was trying to think of a marketing idea that would be easy to implement. I did not want to do a direct marketing campaign through the postal service because I figured most people probably throw away what they consider junk mail without even looking at it. I finally decided that the best thing I could do was go to a business fair that is attended by thousands of people who could be interested in my services. I wanted to be able to give them something, and that is how I ended up hiring a Brisbane magnet printing company to make me magnets as well as some flyers that I could also pass out.

The magnets are really neat, and I like that I can have any kind that I want. The shape, color, images and text are all whatever I want them to be. I did not want to cram too much information on one because it would make it too hard to read. I figured that simple was the best policy in this case. I knew the basic design that I wanted to use, but I knew that I needed some expert input to make sure that I was not oversimplifying what I wanted on it.

The person who handled my order at Uni Printing QLD was very nice and professional, and he offered me some advice on the magnet design that I had created. I looked at his tips and realized he was right on everything. I changed my order, and the magnets were made that same week. The flyers were also made, and both look absolutely incredible. I know that others paid attention too, because my business has almost doubled in size since I went to the business fair in town. I know that the magnets and flyers were a huge credit to that!