Hunting for the Cyber Deals

I’m a regular coupon hunter, but my favorite time to hunt for deals is during the fall. I’ve been monitoring all of the Cyber Monday 2015 ad scans to spot the deals that I can use. All of the deals that I passed up on during the year pale in comparison to the ones that are offered on Cyber Monday. Nearly every electronic device, toy, video game, and article of clothing will be on sale for insane prices, I won’t even have to set one foot outside of my home to get them. I just hope I can get to the deals before they sell out.

One website has a Cyber Monday sale and the deals are on the website as long as they haven’t been claimed. When a certain number of people claim the deal, then it isn’t offered anymore, and the next deal is put in its place. Once I walked away from the computer to use the bathroom and missed out on a deal because the other shoppers grabbed it before I did. I won’t make that same mistake again. I’m going to take my phone with me into the bathroom, so I can look at the deals in there.

It would be nice to have another pair of hands to help me get all of the deals. Someone else could use their computer or phone while I use mine to buy anything that has a good price. All of my other friends and family have to work on Cyber Monday, and they aren’t allowed to use their phones or browse any websites during work. Maybe I could make some kind of automated program that will look for whatever deals I put into it, and then automatically buy the items if they meet the criteria for that deal.