We Just Got to San Antonio

It took us about eleven hours to drive down here from Illinois, we were really tired and happy to have arrived. We have a place to stay temporarily, the company provided that, but we shall have about three weeks to find something permanent. They got a realtor to help us, because they want to have me focused on cleaning up the mess that they have down here. At any rate she was telling me that there are around one hundred Texas energy companies and you have to pick which one you want to provide your electric power. Of course you do not have to pick between that many in reality, instead you go on the web and there are sites which tell you what your options are and what rates these companies charge. From what I have been told there are going to be less than half a dozen choices in any one place.

Obviously that is not that big of a deal when you have so many other things that you have to do. We have looked at three houses so far and the probability is that these are the best choices available to us. We gave the realtor a very good idea of what we were looking for and of course the big thing relates to the size of the lot and it’s location. I am looking for a place that is close to the company’s compound, which is on a big piece of land about five miles North of the city. I do not want to have to drive for half an hour to the office every morning and half an hour back every night. I am going to be spending way too much time there as it is and so it would be best to spend less time getting there.